Gary Hunt
CEO / President
(888) 896-7797
Fax: (888) 700-6908


Gary Hunt Insurance is a completely independent insurance agent specializing in Senior Insurance Solutions. Our clients are located in North Carolina, Virginia, Georgia and growing. We offer top rated insurance companies that meet your needs and budget regardless of income or location. We design plans with a focus on low costs, and tax-efficiency, which we combine with personalized financial advice aimed at helping clients make better-informed decisions.

Our Commitment

From day one we have led the Health and Life industry by basing our business on the commitment to our clients and prospects by:

  • Promptly responding
  • Listening to their specific needs
  • Focusing on personalization
  • Having the best Customer Service

Our Mission

Our mission is to build lasting client relationships based on a level of trust that is earned through wise counsel, positive results, clear and candid communication, and service that exceeds expectations. Often times our advice and good counsel is engaged without payment. That underscores our commitment to serve as your advocate, focusing our attention on putting your best interests first.

Chris Myrick
Insurance Agent
(888) 896-7797 E-102


Chris Myrick out of Columbus Georgia has years of experience in the Senior Market helping individuals understand the in’s and out’s Medicare and it’s components placing individuals with the right insurance is always his goal. Outside of work he loves taking care of his two birds, traveling and spending time with his wife.

Michael Tove
Financial Planner
(888) 896-7797 E-104


Michael Tove financial planner and founder of AIN Services located in Cary, NC has years of experience and knowledge in retirement planning and holds licenses in insurance, securities and the banking industry.

Outside of work some of Mike’s hobbies include writing financial articles and books, acting in movies and spending time with his wife and two children. Michael Tove Ph.D., CEP, RFC, president and founder of AIN Services, is an insurance licensed Certified Estate Planner (member National Institute of Certified Estate Planners) and Registered Financial Consultant (member International Association of Registered Financial Consultants). A published author and guest speaker on syndicated radio programs regarding finance, he works with clients at all levels of financial, estate and insurance planning.

Dr. Tove’s philosophy is that every client, regardless of net worth, deserves the best planning that can be had. Over the years, he has developed a substantial network of professionals to which he can refer if clients’ specific needs are in areas other than his personal expertise.